We came up with this idea at about 5am. We thought it would be funny to actually make. Hopefully it doesn't get all that popular, because we don't really want to deal with a ton of shipping. Ugh.


Why? Why not?
You can't be serious. We are serious, and don't call us Shirley.
I didn't say surely. Oops. 
Wait, so this is just a sock? Yeah, it's pretty much just a sock. Aaaaand everyone knows what it's for. So that's fun?
I can buy socks for cheaper than this. Yeah, you can, but that's not funny.
Hey, so can you guys put a personal message on there? I mean, you're drawing stuff on there in sharpie. Sorry, it's dang near impossible to write anything legible on there. But we totally can INCLUDE a message. Just email us at solosoxxx@gmail.com after you order, and we'll make it happen. But no sprawling manifestos or anything. Let's keep it tweet length.
Can I send Solo Soxxx anonymously? It's, like, crazy easy to do this. Just put in the recipient's info as the shipping address. Easy-peasy. We don't include any info about who actually pays for it. If you DO wanna let 'em know it's from you, I'll refer you to the previous question. Look up slightly.

We also tweet sometimes.